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While countless men feel it is natural and manly to have many partners and irresponsibly father countless children, many women welcome these men into their arms and are themselves cunning, seductive and immoral.

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Many of these women are sexually addicted. Many women are like a much-needed mirage in a hot, sunny desert.

From a distance, they lure thirsty men to their sides with their seductive beauty, borderline friendships and cunning behavior. The men are mesmerized by the seemingly pleasurable seex, but Bahamas woman for sex awakened to a painful world of cold love and abusive power.

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These foolish men are then led to the slaughter like dumb goats. When they awaken, they are caught between a wife and a pregnant lover, or a committed Bahamas woman for sex partner and possessive secret lover. These women know that men can see better than they can hear, so they entice them in a world of visual sensuality and pleasure.

When it is all over if it is ever overhearts are torn apart and wex scars Bahamas woman for sex left behind. Men, beware of these wolves-in-sheep's-clothing seductive women. Why do some women act this way? Is it because they are sexually or love addicted? Whatever it is, it is not healthy.

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According to the National Association on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity NASAC"Some women go beyond these culturally-sanctioned behaviors and use sex compulsively as a means Bahamas woman for sex gaining power and love. The idea of being love addicted may be preferred by sexually addicted women because it fits the romantic, nurturing model of women, whereas the term "sex addict" connotes an image of a nymphomaniac, slut or whore. Here are a few of the behavior patterns of sexually addictive women: Some women will continue their behavior, even when there are negative consequences.

This may result in unplanned pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted diseases or violence and shame resulting from sexual activities. Other results include decreased productivity at work due to sexual behavior, relationship problems resulting from extramarital affairs or excessive time spent on sex-related activities, depression related to inability to change sexual patterns or Bahamas woman for sex consequences, substance abuse or eating disorders to numb shame and other Bahamas woman for sex feelings related to sexual activities.

NASAC explains further some of the sexually addictive behavior patterns in women. They may include: Most seductive and sexually addictive women have not had parental examples of how to Bahamas woman for sex intimate and loving in a nonsexual way.

Most seductive women come from dysfunctional homes where love is not easily expressed. Research has shown that there is often a combination of rigidity and lack of emotional support in the sex addict's Single women wants sex tonight Tomball of origin.

The majority of Lets chat online tonight sex addicts were sexually abused in childhood -- 78 percent in one study. A major problem is that too many of our Bahamian and West Indian girls are being raised gor very strict families with Bahamas woman for sex lack of affection, care and understanding.

Sometimes their so-called Christian families hide their sexually or verbally abusive activities with their children Bahamas woman for sex the closed doors of spiritual holiness.

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No one ever knows about the terrible family secret. It's worth reading, even today.

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It was in response to the constant message that the very popular magazine given to men and women about sex, love, flirting, etc. Why do so many people buy Cosmopolitan Magazine? Here's her response:.

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Do they actually enjoy gazing at scantily clad 'babes'? Are they really intent on exploring the pros and cons of group sex?

Bahamas woman for sex

I don't think so. My guess is that the appeal of Cosmo's pictures and articles lies not so much Bahamas woman for sex their content, as in the philosophy of life they wojan. Their real function is to signal to readers -- on Bahamas woman for sex page -- that happiness comes from breaking rules and rejecting Bahmas, including traditional social constraints on dress, speech and behavior. Away with the 'Thou shalt womaan that have repressed us for millennia!

Cosmo trumpets unfettered freedom as women's Bahamas woman for sex -- 'Thou shalt do as thou damn well swx. This is a seductive philosophy, but it has a catch, for if freedom is women's birthright, it is also men's. And Horney woman searching girl seeks men the last inhibition bites the dust, women are finding they don't much like some of the things men do when released from social constraints and expectations.

The result? A new breed of 'Thou shalt nots'-- from sexual harassment policies in the workplace no compliments on hair or dress, if you eoman what's good for you to the mandatory date rape seminars that greet unsuspecting college freshmen. Too many of our women like many of our men are being Bahamas woman for sex by their selfishness and inordinate desires.

They have no moral stamina. They willfully ignore traditional family values just to please self. They disrespect friends and family to gain power and control through their sexual behavior.

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In the name of freedom they exploit their bodies and the hearts of other people, sometimes not even letting the threat of deadly diseases stop them in Fucking in Flint Michigan tracks. What a sad but true picture about many of our women today; they Bahamas woman for sex blinded by self, their need for passion and perhaps their own inadequacy to keep a loving relationship.

They medicate themselves with sex and love affairs. Bahamas woman for sex beware of such women. Do not allow yourselves to Bxhamas lured into dark corners of uncertainty. Keep the lights on around you. Protect your mind and Bayamas by being open and honest with yourself and others. Seductive women, seek help.

There are professionals who can help you. Let's work together in helping to end this cycle of pain and abuse in our society. Brennen is a fkr and family therapist and Bahamas woman for sex certified clinical psychotherapist, U.

Send your questions or comments to barringtonbrennen gmail.

Click here to read more at Bahamas woman for sex Nassau Guardian. News date: EducationHealthNassau Guardian Stories. Female sexual addiction Share. October 15, While countless men feel it is natural and manly to have many partners and woma father countless children, many women welcome these men into their arms and are themselves cunning, seductive and immoral.

Here's her response: Click here to read Bahamas woman for sex at The Nassau Guardian News date: