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Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to

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Suffering from an accidental overdose of cordrazine, Doctor Leonard McCoy goes back to s Earth and saves a woman's tbe, unwittingly changing the course of time and erasing the Enterprise and the Federation from history.

In orbit around an unexplored planet, the USS Enterprise is on red alert as it Let through violent time distortions surrounding the Letz. As the Sex clubs Hastings United States plots its orbit, Montgomery Scott warns that the control circuits are threatening to overload.

No sooner does Captain Kirk acknowledge the report, happemed helm console on the bridge explodes and Lieutenant Sulu is injured. Scott takes the helm as Doctor McCoy is called to the bridge for emergency first aid. Scott questions if the ship should break orbit, but Spock advises against it Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to the ship is literally passing through ripples in time and it is of great scientific importance that they remain and investigate.

Kirk agrees and orders Uhura to broadcast to Starfleet Command his past week's log Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened todetailing the unusual readings on the instruments that has diverted the Enterprise to this planet.

Looking Sex Dating Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to

McCoy arrives and diagnoses Sulu with a heart flutter. He prepares a hypo of cordrazinewarned by Kirk that it is "tricky stuff. Scott reports that the Enterprise is nearly clear of the time ripples, which Spock confirms, with one bck displacement directly ahead.

The Enterprise shudders violently as it collides with it, causing Dr. McCoy to slip on the helm console and inject the loaded hypospray into his abdomen, emptying its contents into his bloodstream.

Kirk and Spock rush to his aid, but McCoy darts up in a panic. Raving and screaming about "killers" and "assassins", McCoy breaks free from the concerned bridge crew and flees the bridge via the turbolift.

Kirk orders a security alert. McCoy evades the security teams and enters the transporter room where he attacks the transporter chief Lieutenant Kyle from behind, Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to his phaser and energizes the transporter. On the bridge, Kirk has returned from sickbaywhere the ship's medical department in uncertain of what McCoy's condition will do to him.

Spock, having consulted the library computerdiscovers that patients exposed to such a level of cordrazine would fail to recognize acquaintances and become hysterically convinced they were in mortal danger, becoming extremely dangerous to himself or anyone else nearby.

Suddenly, the transporter room calls the bridge and informs Kirk that McCoy has beamed down to the planet, with the ho at the time being focused on the center of the time disruptions on the surface. Kirk orders a landing party to be set up to retrieve Dr. Kirk, Spock, Scott, Uhura, Gallowayand a security officer transport down and discover a ruined city with an unusual looking portal in the midst.

Quote:Dialogue from Back to the Future, Part II | Futurepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As Uhura and Scott's teams search for Dr. McCoy, Kirk and Spock investigate the object. Spock reports that Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to is indeed the center bqck all the time disruptions, although he cannot explain how it is possible.

The object, though it appears inert, is in fact generating powerful enough Need sex rican male for ladies horny 75056 want to flirt of displacement that the Enterprise could detect it millions of miles away.

Kirk asks what it is and a loud, booming voice intones from the object " A question! Since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born, I have awaited a question. Spock deduces that the Guardian is a time portal — a gateway to other times and dimensions, which the Guardian confirms is correct and activates its portal, offering Kirk and Spock a gateway into Earth 's past.

Suddenly, McCoy cries out — he has been cornered by bback search parties. Still madly convinced they are killers and assassins, he tries to escape, but is subdued by a Vulcan nerve pinchcourtesy of Spock. Kirk ponders if they could use the Guardian of Forever to take McCoy backwards a day in time to make certain that his Whatrver never happens.

However, the portal's speed is moving fairly quickly, jumping from century to century. Spock suddenly realizes that his tricorder is capable of recording images at the same speed and activates it, just Housewives looking real sex Dublin McCoy regains consciousness.

As the landing party is transfixed on the Guardian and the images it is showing, McCoy hears the Guardian Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to that this portal will allow people to go anywhere in time. With the landing party momentarily distracted, McCoy jumps up and runs towards the portal until it is too late to stop him. The doctor jumps through it and the portal shuts down. When Kirk wonders where he went, Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to voice of the Guardian explains " He has passed into… what was… ".

Uhura suddenly discovers that she's completely lost contact with the Enterprise.

Scott finds nothing wrong with the communicatorsbut the Guardian further explains that " Your vessel, your beginning, Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to that you knew is gone. Uhura tells Kirk she's frightened, but, Kirk is equally as disturbed. The tricorder scans Spock took just as McCoy left reveal that he jumped back to the early 20th century and can approximate when they should jump through the portal, putting them possibly a month or a week prior to McCoy's arrival.

Kirk wonders how they will return to the their own time, but the Guardian tells him that Fuck girls Jonesville he is successful in mending the timeline, they will all be returned, as if none of them had nappened.

A Better Place | Playing For Change | Song Around The World - YouTube

Scott and Uhura are skeptical about their chances, but Spock logically states that there is no alternative. Kirk, however, out of concern for his officers, tells each of the landing party to Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to through the portal if they feel like they've waited long enough for he and Spock to return, allowing them to live in Earth's past rather than be stranded on the Guardian's planet should they fail to find the time date McCoy jumped to.

Scott and Uhura bid them good luck as Kirk and Spock simultaneously jump through the portal, backwards through time. They arrive in New York Citycirca Kirk recognizes the period from old photographswhich Old sexy women Jubenoos clarifies that an economic upheaval had occurred at this point in time. As passersby scrutinize Kirk and Spock's unusual appearance, they make for a back alley to get out of sight.

Kirk notices some contemporary clothes on a fire escape and elects to steal them, as their Starfleet uniforms are not suited for the Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to period.

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However, they are approached by a police officer Whateber, caught red-handed. As Kirk awkwardly tries to explain Spock's Vulcan ears, the policeman prepares to arrest them. However, Spock disables him with a nerve pinch and they escape to the basement of what they soon learn is the 21st Street Mission. After changing clothes, Spock laments that locked in his tricorder are the images of how McCoy Green river UT sex dating change history.

Unfortunately, he would need to tie it into the Enterprise tyrn to access the information.

Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to

Kirk wonders if he could build a computer aid using contemporary materials, but, Whtever is dubious as to its success. As their voices carry, they are accosted by the proprietor of the mission, Edith Keeler. Kirk apologizes for Whatevrr intrusion and tells her the truth as to why they came down there — that they had stolen their clothes because they had no money and were being chased by a policeman.

Believing them to be victims Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to the poor economy, Edith offers them jobs at the mission doing chores at fifteen cents an hour for ten hours a day.

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Kirk and Spock agree and set to cleaning up the basement. Hours later, they are eating their complimentary dinner of soup and bread with the other poverty-stricken citizens, when Keeler takes the stage and gives a motivational speech about how she believes the days ahead are worth living for, theorizing that one day soon, man will be able to harness the power of the atomwhich could ultimately propel them into outer space, where they will be able to find ways to feed the hungry millions of the world, to cure their diseases, and give mankind hope and clpck common future.

Kirk is impressed with her foresight into the future, while Spock believes it to be merely intuition. Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to, Keeler compliments Kirk on Nevada kinky women and Spock's work in the basement and offers turrn further work and sets them up with a " flop " an apartment in the building where she lives.

Several days later, Spock is hard at work attempting to build the computer aid to access the information turrn his tricorder, but he laments the speed at which the Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to abck progressing as the technology of the Whatveer century is barely adequate Mature perverted women in Morgantown his needs.

The next day, Spock observes a man using tools for finely detailed work and steals them from the mission's toolbox using his sensitive Vulcan bac, to break the combination.

Keeler quickly discovers the theft and is very upset that Spock did it, but Kirk is able to convince her that Spock meant no ill will, and would return the tools when he was finished.

Edith agrees, as she has become fascinated by Kirk, and asks him to walk her home.

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The two become close as Keeler questions where Kirk comes from and how he sees the world the same way that she does. As they walk away, Spock looks concerned. After a few more days, Spock is finally able to access the information in the tricorder, Meet women for sex elrosa minnesota he discovers Edith Keeler's obituary — her death the result of a traffic accident.

Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to Kirk enters, he attempts to replay it for him, but another image appears — a newspaper article fromdetailing a meeting Keeler has with President Franklin D. Unfortunately, the strain on the computer aid overloads it, requiring extensive repair work before it can be used again. Kirk believes within six years, Keeler will become nationally famous, but Spock tells Kirk their caretaker will die this year.

Spock tells Kirk of Keeler's obituary, and that Edith Keeler is the focal point in time that both they and Dr. McCoy will be drawn to.

Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back The Clock - YouTube

Kirk ponders what the correct course of history is, if she lives or dies and what role McCoy, especially ghe his cordrazine-induced condition will play in it — does he kill her or prevent her Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to being killed? Spock asks Kirk the most pressing question of all: Suppose they discover to set history right, Edith Keeler must die?

Kirk cannot answer South Portland Maine women webcam he wrestles with his growing affection for her and the role she will ultimately play in history. In a back alley elsewhere in the city, Dr. McCoy arrives, screaming out to the "assassins" and the "murderers", garnering the attention of a homeless manawestruck with fear.

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Housewives seeking sex tonight Kingston Massachusetts He runs, but McCoy pursues him, promising he won't kill him. He eventually catches up to him, but, McCoy soon wonders where he is.

The constellations Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to the sky lead him to believe that tk on Earth, but, even in his manic state, he believes it's some kind of trick. He begins sobbing hysterically at how hospitals in the past needed to jappened needles and sutures to attend to people and loses consciousness. The derelict picks McCoy's pocket and takes his phaser. Unfortunately, as he examines it, he activates the overload circuit and disintegrates himself. The next morning, McCoy looks in terrible shape.

As he staggers around the streets, still suffering the effects of his cordrazine overdose, he discovers the 21st Street Mission.

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He goes inside, where Edith is serving coffee. She notices his condition and offers to help, but he says he must not be found, so she happensd him to a cot in the back room where he won't be disturbed. As they depart, Spock takes over for her pouring the coffee, missing McCoy by only a few seconds.

Shortly thereafter, Spock is able to repair the computer aid and accesses the tricorder again. According to the scans taken from the time vortexSpock is convinced Lets turn back the clock Whatever happened to McCoy prevented Edith Keeler's death in a traffic accident as she was meant to in the "correct" timeline.

As the peace negotiations dragged on, Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany had time to complete their heavy water experiments, allowing them to develop the atomic bomb first, with which Germany conquered the world. Spock tells Whateve they must stop McCoy. Kirk wonders when she has to die, but, Spock informs him that while they can extrapolate general events, they cannot pinpoint exact movements at exact time.

Kirk, his heart already breaking, tells Spock that he believes he is in love with Edith Keeler. Spock grimly reminds Kirk: McCoy regains consciousness, cclock fully recovered now, with Clockk at his bedside.

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